July 29th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 61/71
Atascadero 55/89
Avila Beach 59/75
CA Valley 56/103
Cambria 57/73
Cayucos 60/67
Corbett Canyon 56/76
Cuyama 59/101
Goleta 62/74
Grover Beach 59/71
Hearst Castle 58/69
Lompoc 59/73
Los Osos 59/66
Morro Bay 58/64
Nipomo 55/65
Oceano 60/69
Orcutt 60/82
Paso Robles 57/98
Pismo Beach 58/66
Pozo 55/99
San Luis Obispo 59/78
Santa Barbara 63/79
Santa Maria 60/77
Santa Ynez 55/90
Shandon 56/104
Shell Beach 58/66
Solvang 57/91
Templeton 53/93
Vandenberg AFB 57/68

July 28th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 55/74
Atascadero 45/96
Cambria 59/66
Cayucos 60/66
Corbett Canyon 56/76
Cuyama 56/92
Goleta 58/75
Grover Beach 61/72
Guadalupe 59/70
Lompoc 59/73
Los Osos 55/67
Morro Bay 57/64
Nipomo 55/66
Oceano 59/70
Orcutt 55/82
Paso Robles 56/99
Pismo Beach 59/64
Pozo 52/97
San Luis Obispo 58/78
Santa Barbara 62/80
Santa Margarita 55/93
Santa Maria 58/80
Santa Ynez 54/90
Shandon 55/102
Shell Beach 59/64
Solvang 55/90
Templeton 52/98
Vandenberg AFB 55/66

Muggy air filters into the area for a slight rain chance in eastern hills

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

High pressure is developing over the area, it is a combination of a sliding Pacific ridge and a region pumping up from the desert SW

Temperatures are moving up at both coastal and interior valley locations as the ridge is basically slowing down the onshore flow, sometimes these events produce offshore winds which also blow out the marine layer at beaches but this particular event doesn’t look to do much of that.  In fact light airflow at beaches could produce some low and stubborn marine clouds which don’t make it far inland.

Temps over the next few days will be in the triple digits inland with 80s for most coastal valleys (perhaps some 90s) with beaches being a combo of 60s and 70s.

The upper airflow looks to promote some muggy air getting in starting Thursday but in a  more pronounced way on Friday.  There will be some onshore wind returning so beaches and coastal valleys may see temps dip but with higher humidity it may feel about the same.  Inland temps dip into the upper 90s but the heat index should be taken seriously.

The combination of some heat and moisture could produce some thunderstorms in the eastern hills of SLO and SB counties during this part of the forecast but I don’t think we’ll see much outside of those areas.

SW flow aloft gets going again by Sunday and should tamp down activity and remove some mugginess, surface winds will be more NW and cooler.  Early next week night and morning clouds look to return to a regular pattern though some stronger winds in SB county are possible.

July 27th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 56/74
Atascadero 50/90
Avila Beach 56/81
CA Valley 49/91
Cambria 51/68
Cayucos 57/67
Corbett Canyon 55/80
Cuyama 56/88
Goleta 62/75
Grover Beach 58/75
Guadalupe 58/65
Hearst Castle 56/73
Lompoc 61/70
Los Osos 54/68
Morro Bay 56/63
Nipomo 54/65
Orcutt 57/75
Paso Robles 54/95
Pismo Beach 58/67
Pozo 52/93
San Luis Obispo 56/78
Santa Barbara 66/79
Santa Margarita 50/93
Santa Maria 59/77
Santa Ynez 59/84
Shandon 51/95
Shell Beach 58/67
Solvang 58/83
Templeton 50/89
Vandenberg AFB 57/65

July 26th, 2015 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 59-77
Bradley 56-91
CA Valley 53-90
Corbett Canyon 56-77
Creston 55-85
Cuyama 57-90
Goleta 60-79
Hearst Castle 51-88
Lompoc 58-69
Morro Bay 57-63
Nipomo 61-81
Orcutt 57-73
Paso Robles 56-89
Pismo Beach 58-68
Port San Luis 57-68
San Luis Obispo 57-75
Santa Barbara 67-84
Santa Maria 58-72
Santa Ynez 55-81
Shell Beach 58-68
Solvang 58-80
Vandenberg 55-65

One more day of seasonal weather, then it’s going to get hot & humid

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Night through morning low clouds and fog, along with normal temperatures will continue into Monday for the Central Coast. We will continue to see winds of 15-25 mph, with higher gusts possible. High pressure builds in from the East starting Tuesday, bringing us above normal temperatures, even triple digits for interiors. Along with the heat, monsoonal moisture builds in, so it’s going to be humid as well.

July 25th, 2015 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 55-88
Bradley 55-95
CA Valley 54-91
Corbett Canyon 57-87
Creston 57-90
Cuyama 58-89
Goleta 61-81
Lompoc 54-73
Morro Bay 57-67
Nipomo 56-87
Orcutt 51-81
Paso Robles 56-95
Pismo Beach 57-77
Port San Luis 59-72
Pozo 56-94
San Luis Obispo 56-86
Santa Barbara 67-88
Santa Maria 57-79
Santa Ynez 54-90
Shell Beach 57-77
Solvang 56-89

Enjoy normal temps for the next few days, heat wave on the way

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Low pressure passing to the North, Sunday into Monday, will bring night through morning low clouds to the Central Coast. Temperatures will be near normal for this time of year. Starting Tuesday and continuing through the end of next week, strong high pressure will build over the area. This will bring the likelihood of above normal temps for all areas and triple digit heat for the interiors. The nights will remain rather warm as well, so enjoy that for those going to the Mid-State Fair in Paso. The hottest days are expected to be Wednesday and Thursday. On top of the heat, there will be an increase in humidity through at least Saturday because of monsoonal moisture.

July 24th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 55/77
Atascadero 52/94
Avila Beach 54/85
CA Valley 52/92
Cambria 54/67
Cayucos 58/72
Corbett Canyon 56/81
Cuyama 57/88
Goleta 61/79
Grover Beach 56/74
Hearst Castle 60/80
Lompoc 57/79
Los Osos 53/72
Morro Bay 56/65
Oceano 52/73
Orcutt 55/81
Paso Robles 55/94
Pismo Beach 56/71
Pozo 54/93
San Luis Obispo 54/82
Santa Barbara 64/84
Santa Margarita 51/96
Santa Maria 55/82
Santa Ynez 54/90
Shandon 53/96
Shell Beach 56/71
Solvang 56/92
Templeton 53/93
Vandenberg AFB 51/74

Interesting turns ahead in the forecast

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

At the coast the weekend will get breezy, it’ll keep the skies clear in the afternoons but at times the winds may approach 25 to 30mph. Some night and morning cloud cover may re-develop but it should clear in the morning hours. Temps look pretty nice actually near 70 at beaches and closer to 80 in the coastal valleys. Inland temps will be near 90 with great evening concert conditions as temps only drop into the 60s after most evening performances.

A large upper level ridge is moving in next week. Onshore winds will get very weak as a result and may even shift offshore which will mean inland temps will be over 100 and even coastal valleys will near 90 with marine influence limited to the immediate beaches.

Late next week the upper air pattern will allow both hot and muggy air to return and along with it the chance for showers and thunderstorms. This will have to be watched carefully for flash flood potential associated with thunderstorms.