Weather Watcher Report for October 3, 2015

Arroyo Grande 54 / 80

Atascadero 51 / 84

Bradley 52 / 88

California Valley 46 / 85

Corbett Canyon 54 / 80

Creston 50 / 89

Cuyama 51 / 85

Goleta 59 / 81

Hearst Castle 54 / 65

Lompoc 56 / 72

Los Osos 56 / 67

Morro Bay 56 / 64

Nipomo 54 / 72

Orcutt 53 / 75

Paso Robles 53 / 85

Pismo Beach 56 / 71

San Luis Obispo 57 / 83

Santa Barbara 59 / 81

Santa Maria 55 / 76

Santa Ynez 53 / 84

Shell Beach 56 / 74

Solvang 53 / 82

Templeton 51 / 83

Vandenberg 55 / 72

Showers on the way with heat following in the week

Avila Beach CoastlineTemperatures remain above normal on Saturday with a high pressure system and gusty northerly winds. Come Sunday, a low pressure system will begin to move in bringing cooler temperatures along with light to moderate showers. Some thunderstorms are also a possibility. Showers are expected to last through Sunday evening. The week’s forecast will have a warming trend. A high pressure system will push temps back into the 80’s and 90’s with a gusty offshore flow.

October 2nd, 2015 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 57-83

Atascadero 56-84

Bradley 58-85

Corbett Canyon 60-85

Creston 55-82

Cuyama 58-74

Goleta 62-86

Hearst Castle 60-77

Lompoc 54-82

Los Osos 61-76

Morro Bay 59-72

Nipomo 56-82

Orcutt 52-80

Paso Robles 54-84

Pismo Beach 59-78

Port San Luis 61-81

San Luis Obispo 63-85

Santa Barbara 65-86

Santa Maria 56-81

Santa Ynez 57-88

Shell Beach 59-78

Solvang 57-87

Templeton 52-82

Vandenberg 57-74

Sunday showers but warm late next week

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

The weekend is here and the weather will change a lot from Saturday into Sunday. Saturday looks like a very nice day with clear to partly cloudy skies and temperatures running a few degrees higher than seasonal norms. Coastal valleys will get into the upper 70s to about 80, beaches will be in the 70s, and interior valleys will pump out another day in the upper 80s.

Early Sunday morning an upper level low system drops in from the Pacific NW, winds will shift to more southerly and scattered showers will be possible most of the day. The activity will be on and off and generally light but accumulation could top .10″ but should stay less than .25″, models did pull back from the more robust estimates of earlier in the week.

The low will linger a bit but the latest models show diminishing activity Sunday night into early Monday, so the bulk of Monday looks partly cloudy and dry.

Tuesday through the rest of the week high pressure builds back in and temps again rise. By Thursday and Friday the valleys could see temps back in the 90s and beaches in the upper 70s. The weekend of the 10th-11th looks dry and generally warm.

Oct. 1st, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 60/83
Atascadero 59/83
CA Valley 53/79
Corbett Canyon 60/84
Cuyama 55/79
Goleta 60/93 Tr.
Grover Beach 63/81
Hearst Castle 61/81 .02″
Lompoc 55/81
Los Osos 64/72 .02″
Morro Bay 63/71 .01″
Nipomo 62/82 .01″
Orcutt 60/80 .06″
Paso Robles 61/85 .01″
Pismo Beach 64/77 .01″
Pozo 58/83
San Luis Obispo 63/85 .01″
Santa Barbara 66/90
Santa Maria 59/82 .03″
Santa Ynez 54/86
Shandon 56/82
Shell Beach 64/77 .01″
Solvang 54/86
Templeton 59/80 .02″
Vandenberg AFB 61/75

A better chance of more rain Sunday into early next week

A cold front moved through the Central Coast this morning and produced some showers, most only hundredths of an inch of accumulation. It is not the only rain in the forecast however. A low pressure system is on the way for Sunday night through Tuesday which has better potential with up to .50″ of rain.

That Sunday system looks to pull in some southerly moisture supply before the front swings though, in terms of dynamics it has a lot more potential than this morning’s system did.

Otherwise we have some offshore wind Friday morning with afternoon winds from the NW keeping skies generally clear for a few days of warm temperatures before that Sunday low drops in. After it departs the second half of next week looks to feature more NW wind and more typical fall conditions and temperatures.

Sept. 30th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 55/90
Atascadero 52/84
CA Valley 51/85
Cambria 56/67
Cayucos 60/74
Corbett Canyon 58/90
Cuyama 54/81
Goleta 58/84
Guadalupe 56/74
Lompoc 54/84
Los Osos 61/74
Morro Bay 59/69
Nipomo 57/81
Oceano 54/83
Orcutt 57/83
Paso Robles 53/84
Pismo Beach 59/81
Pozo 53/86
San Luis Obispo 62/90
Santa Barbara 64/88
Santa Margarita 57/81
Santa Maria 57/84
Santa Ynez 52/91
Shandon 49/84
Shell Beach 59/81
Solvang 53/90
Templeton 52/84
Vandenberg AFB 57/77

September 29th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 65/78
Atascadero 52/85
CA Valley 52/85
Cambria 60/69
Cayucos 64/75
Corbett Canyon 56/83
Cuyama 53/87
Goleta 55/85
Grover Beach 65/78
Lompoc 59/79
Los Osos 61/69
Morro Bay 50/67
Nipomo 63/77
Oceano 60/75
Orcutt 60/75
Paso Robles 52/87
Pismo Beach 59/72
Pozo 51/86
San Luis Obispo 59/83
Santa Barbara 61/85
Santa Maria 60/80
Santa Ynez 54/88
Shell Beach 59/72
Solvang 56/86
Templeton 51/82
Vandenberg AFB 59/72

Sept. 28th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 61/75
Atascadero 59/85
Cambria 60/70
Cayucos 66/70
Corbett Canyon 60/82
Cuyama 58/91
Goleta 62/80
Lompoc 59/79
Los Osos 61/70
Morro Bay 62/67
Nipomo 60/73
Orcutt 62/75
Paso Robles 57/89
Pismo Beach 62/69
Pozo 58/88
San Luis Obispo 62/83
Santa Barbara 54/69
Santa Margarita 89/58
Santa Maria 62/82
Santa Ynez 55/88
Shandon 54/87
Shell Beach 62/69
Solvang 59/89
Templeton 57/82
Vandenberg AFB 60/73

Winds pick up this week

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

We have seen a steady stream of high clouds over the area since Sunday, that stream is being dragged through the area as we are in the middle between a trough of low pressure off the coast and a high pressure ridge east of us. That high cloud supply looks to shift a little further north tomorrow, so we should see more sun on Tuesday and slightly warmer temperatures.

Wednesday through the end of the week we’ll see stronger NW winds, perhaps to 30mph at times at the coast. It’ll bring temps down on Thursday a little however temps recover Friday through the weekend as another ridge of high pressure pumps up.

Models show some interesting things going on in the North Central Pacific, next Wednesday models show an area of pressure with good sub-tropical moisture to our north. Right now models keep it north but it bears some watching. In general the sub-tropical supply looks to be starting interactions with low pressure systems further north, when these two come together in El Nino years the rain can be ample. Again, nothing really happening for us yet but some of the building blocks look to be sitting around. Typically the wettest parts of El Nino seasons are after the new year but in strong years sometimes early activity is also wetter than average so each system October on in may have potential.