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December 2014
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December 19th, 2014 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 49/63
Atascadero 44/57
CA VAlley 56/40 .01″
Cambria 52/59
Corbett Canyon 48/62
Cuyama 42/55
Goleta 46/64
Lompoc 45/64
Los Osos 49/62
Morro Bay 51/62
Nipomo 47/63
Orcutt 49/64
Paso Robles 44/59
Pismo Beach 49/64
Pozo 43/69
San Luis Obispo 47/62
San Miguel 43/57
Santa Barbara 49/65
Santa Maria 45/64
Santa Ynez 48/61
Shandon 41/60
Shell Beach 49/64
Solvang 44/64
Templeton 44/57
Vandenberg AFB 49/61

After clouds and a few showers warm temps quickly build

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

A cold front is moving thru the Central Coast today but the dynamics are weak and the front will dissipate s the area with clouds and a few showers. Best chance for rain is northern SLO county, SB county especially the Southcoast may not see any rain at all.

After that we get a big change in the pattern, a ridge builds over the West and produce some local offshore winds Sunday through Tuesday. Winds will be strong on Monday, gusts could exceed 40mph. It’ll clear out skies and produce warm beach and coastal valley conditions in the 70s and perhaps even 80s. Interior valleys will be cooler in the 60s and lower 70s and areas of valley fog are possible in the mornings.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we’ll see a low pressure system move over the area which will turn winds back around out of the NW, I don’t expect rain but it will cool down and be windy with partly cloudy skies.

In the further extended forecast, it looks dry thru New Year’s but rain chances go up later the first week of Jan.

December 18th, 2014 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 49/61 .04″
Atascadero 46/55 .08″
CA Valley 41/57 .25 (a 2 day total)
Cambria 49/61 .12″
Corbett Canyon 47/60 .03″
Cuyama 41/59 .02″
Goleta 45/6` .01″
Hearst Castle 45/54 .22″
Lompoc 46/64 .02″
Los Osos 50/64 .04″
Morro Bay 50/63 .03″
Paso Robles 48/58 .05″
Pismo Beach 50/62 .04″
Pozo 45/52 .08″
San Luis Obispo 49/61 Tr.
Santa Barbara 54/64 .01″
Santa Maria 50/65 Tr.
Santa Ynez 45/61 .01″
Shandon 44/63 .04″
Shell Beach 50/62 .04″
Solvang 44/66 .02″
Templeton 49/59 .08″

One more light shower event before it gets warm

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

A weak cold front will move over the Central Coast late tonight and Friday with light winds and cloudy skies. This system will fall apart on arrival only producing a few light rain showers.

After that high pressure builds across California and temps jump quickly into the 70s this weekend and low 80s for some early next week. Dry weather is expected through Christmas. The exception to the warm temps will be inland where fog will likely be an issue with afternoon clearing and temps in the 60s and some 70s.

Rain 12/15 thru 12/17

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Here are the cumulative rainfall totals for the rain thus far this week.

San Luis Obispo County Coast

Morro Bay 0.64
Cambria 0.87
Nipomo 0.39
SLO – Cal Poly 1.33
San Luis Obispo 0.81
San Luis Harbor 0.37
Oceano 0.48
Pismo Beach 0.58
Point Piedras Blancas 0.15

San Luis Obispo County Central

Paso Robles 0.89
Atascadero 0.16
Rocky Butte 2.48
Las Tablas 1.48
Upper Toro Creek Road 1.06
Santa Margarita 1.06
Salinas Dam 0.59
Lake Lopez 0.52
Bald Mountain 0.55

San Luis Obispo County Eastern

Shandon 1.02
Black Mountain 0.76
La Panza 0.25
Branch Mountain 0.69
Carrizo Plain 0.46

Santa Barbara North Coast

Santa Maria 0.38
Sisquoc 0.73
Twitchell Dam 0.39
Sudden Peak 0.71
Los Alamos 0.76
Lompoc 0.90
Vandenberg 1.31
Buellton 0.76
Santa Ynez 0.39
New Cuyama 0.39
Cachuma Dam 0.62
Los Prietos 0.94

Santa Barbara South Coast

Maria Ygnacio Ridge 0.85
Santa Barbara 0.82
Carpinteria 0.71
Montecito Hills 0.88
Gaviota Coast 1.21

Santa Barbara Mountains And Foothills

Refugio Pass 1.02
West Big Pine 0.19
San Marcos Pass 1.38
Gibraltar Dam 1.19
El Deseo 1.64

A couple more rain chances but no huge storms

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Another weak storm system is on the way to the Central Coast tonight. The track of the low is not ideal to produce much rain, most totals will be less than .25″ with the possible exception of the SLO northcoast.

While showers have begun much of Wednesday’s rain will actually fall later on this evening.

We are not done quite yet with rain chances this week, a still weaker front is on the way for late Thursday night into Friday morning but the front decays as it gets to the Central Coast, rainfall with this system will either be very light in the hundredths of an inch if it is capable of producing rain at all.

Temperatures remain below seasonal normals through Friday.

For the extended the models are in very good agreement that we’ll see dry weather Saturday thru Christmas with temps rebounding into the 70s (and 80s are possible in some locations).

Dec. 16th, 2014 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

With another evening rain system, this weather watcher report is 4pm yesterday to today so it will not fully capture this second system of the week. Cumulative rainfall will be handled in a separate post.

Arroyo Grande 64.48 .12″
Atascadero 45/63 .25″
CA Valley 42/57 NA
Corbett Canyon 50/64 .10″
Cuyama 42/57 .04″
Goleta 54/61 .24″
Hearst Castle 47/57 2.24″
Lompoc 48/64 .26″
Los Osos 51/65 na
Morro Bay 51/64 .31″
Paso Robles 44/62 .22″
Pismo Beach 51/63 .09″
Pozo 44/52 .22″
San Luis Obispo 48/62 .41″
Santa Barbara 54/64 .40″
Santa Maria 48/65 .11″
Santa Ynez 46/61 .08″
Shandon 39/64 .69″
Solvang 46/64 .02″

Lompoc cold air funnel, why no warning?

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Cold air funnels are similar to, but not, tornadoes.

These funnels typically form when you get very cold air over our heads and are associated with upper air lows or in jet stream troughs. This is the situation we’ve had in the area today and also had last night when a number of waterspout warnings were issued by the National Weather Service.

Cold air funnels rarely touch down (but some occasionally do) and unlike deep convective (thunderstorm style) tornadoes the wind speeds are low and damage is typically limited when they do have some contact with the ground.

Typically cold air funnels are not warned by the National Weather Service, they are very difficult to find on doppler radar due to their size and the fact they are not associated with rotating thunderstorms.

Cold air funnels and water-spouts are still possible today and tonight.

Scientifically they are not well-understood outside the basics described above.

Rain report for Monday’s storm

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

San Luis Obispo County Coast

SLO – Cal Poly 0.96
Cambria 0.87
San Luis Obispo 0.52
Morro Bay 0.41
San Luis Harbor 0.20
Point Piedras Blancas 0.12
Nipomo 0.11
Pismo Beach 0.09
Oceano 0.04

San Luis Obispo County Central

Rocky Butte 1.49
Upper Toro Creek Road 0.63
Las Tablas 0.61
Santa Margarita 0.59
Paso Robles (kprb) 0.42
Salinas Dam 0.19
Bald Mountain 0.16
Lake Lopez 0.09

San Luis Obispo County Eastern

Shandon 0.71
Branch Mountain 0.24
Black Mountain 0.20
Carrizo Plain 0.13
La Panza 0.08

Santa Barbara County North Coast

Los Prietos 0.41
Cachuma Dam 0.34
Lompoc 0.31
Sudden Peak 0.28
Los Alamos 0.25
Sisquoc 0.22
Buellton 0.21
Vandenberg 0.18
Santa Maria 0.12
Twitchell Dam 0.12
Santa Ynez 0.08
New Cuyama 0.04

Santa Barbara County South Coast

Gaviota Coast 0.74
Santa Barbara 0.45
Montecito Hills 0.43
Maria Ygnacio Ridge 0.40
Santa Barbara 0.24
Carpinteria 0.18

Santa Barbara County Mtns & Foothills

El Deseo 0.76
Gibraltar Dam 0.56
Refugio Pass 0.55
San Marcos Pass 0.49
West Big Pine 0.19

Rain likely again this evening

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

The next storm will increase rain across the Central Coast this evening with showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms.

I expect rainfall totals will range from .25” to .75” inches with some localized amounts exceeding 1”

It is not just the amount of rain, but the rate to be concerned about, the bulk of this rain will fall in just a few hour period so expect locally heavy potential which could impact travel.

There are no watches or warnings for tonight’s storm yet, but stay tuned for updates.

A drying trend is expected Wednesday night and high pressure will slowly build over southwest California through the upcoming weekend and into Christmas week. However there is a very minor chance of showers Thursday and Friday but nothing on the order of what we have seen to start the week, and in fact that minor chance is only 10% but if your travels take you north the chances are higher.