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Aug. 31st, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 56/80
Atascadero 61/93
Avila Beach 60/81
CA Valley 50/89
Cambria 53/65
Cayucos 61/72
Corbett Canyon 58/82
Cuyama 54/86
Goleta 64/79
Grover Beach 58/78
Guadalupe 55/70
Lompoc 54/73
Los Osos 58/66
Morro Bay 58/63
Nipomo 55/70
Oceano 52/77
Orcutt 60/75
Paso Robles 53/94
Pismo Beach 59/72
Pozo 51/91
San Luis Obispo 61/79
Santa Barbara 68/83
Santa Margarita 52/94
Santa Maria 55/76
Santa Ynez 54/84
Shandon 50/92
Shell Beach 59/72
Solvang 57/84
Templeton 54/86
Vandenberg AFB 54/69

Cooler than average temps develop and last much of the week

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Monday morning had some offshore wind and a decent breeze in the afternoon that helped clear out the skies and produce a generally nice day, but there are changes for the rest of the week.

A trough of low pressure is developing off the coast and will last through the rest of the week.

It’ll develop surface low pressure and it’ll produce more coastal clouds while also slowing down the winds. In fact some occasional night thru morning drizzle is even possible at beach communities into Wednesday. We should see good clearing away from the beaches over the rest of the week, but beaches will cool amid slower clearing cloud cover.

To close the week the afternoon northwesterly winds crank up along the coast and will produce mostly clear skies in the late morning and afternoon hours and will keep temperatures mild.

Temperatures will come up a bit but probably slightly under the average through the Labor Day holiday weekend.

August 30th, 2015 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 57-88 Wind Gusts 17 mph
Atascadero 56-91
Avila Beach 56-94
Bradley 56-90 32 mph
CA Valley 56-85
Corbett Canyon 58-86
Creston 56-89
Cuyama 64-81
Goleta 68-88 22 mph
Hearst Castle 60-82
Lompoc 61-79
Los Osos 59-73
Morro Bay 58-66
Nipomo 59-87 22 mph
Orcutt 56-80
Paso Robles 58-91
Pismo Beach 59-76
Port San Luis 60-79
Pozo 58-91
San Luis Obispo 61-84 36 mph
Santa Barbara 72-89
Santa Maria 59-79 32 mph
Santa Ynez 59-86
Shell Beach 59-76
Solvang 59-85 15 mph
Templeton 54-90
Vandenberg 59-71 32 mph

Temperatures dropping below normal for most of the week

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

A trough of low pressure will persist off the Central Coast through next weekend. This will continue to bring a cooling trend through Tuesday. Temperatures will remain below normal through next weekend. Overnight to morning clouds and fog will become widespread at most coastal locations and adjacent valleys by mid-week. We will continue to see winds picking up in the afternoon time around 10-20 mph with higher gusts possible.

August 29th, 2015 Weather Watcher Report

wx0829melissa florescayucos

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 58-90
Atascadero 59-95
Avila Beach 60-96
Bradley 62-97
CA Valley 57-94
Corbett Canyon 58-85
Creston 61-93
Cuyama 61-91
Goleta 63-85
Hearst Castle 68-94
Lompoc 59-86
Los Osos 60-80
Morro Bay 59-69
Nipomo 62-93
Orcutt 57-83
Paso Robles 61-96
Pismo Beach 61-87
Port San Luis 60-85
San Luis Obispo 61-84
Santa Barbara 71-92
Santa Maria 61-82
Santa Ynez 57-90
Shell Beach 61-87
Solvang 58-89
Templeton 59-92
Vandenberg 55-75

Seasonal temps return along with the marine layer

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

A cooling trend is expected through early next week for the Central Coast as low pressure passes to the North. Temperatures will return to near normal by Sunday, followed by below normal temperatures next week as a trough of another low pressure persists over the West Coast. There will also be an increase in the marine layer cloud coverage through next week as well.

Aug. 28th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

It was another hot day on the Central Coast but it was the Southcoast that produced the only record today. Downtown Santa Barbara hit 95 degrees, the record for downtown Santa Barbara was 92 from back in 1915 (Goleta where Santa Barbara’s official records are kept did not break a record with an 88 today).

Other major Central Coast cities all missed records despite being warmer than average. Paso was the closest with 105 today, 107 is the record from 2008. San Luis Obispo may have been 17 degrees warmer than normal today with 97, but it was still 9 degrees from a record.

Satellite pictures show marine clouds off the coast and the return of onshore flow. A significant cool-down is in place over the weekend.

Here are the weather watcher reports for Friday:

Arroyo Grande 59/84
Atascadero 62/103
CA Valley 61/102
Cambria 60/73
Cayucos 63/78
Corbett Canyon 70/92
Cuyama 63/99
Goleta 63/88
Grover Beach 59/82
Guadalupe 63/80
Hearst Castle 82/96
Lompoc 55/91
Morro Bay 60/72
Nipomo 63/80
Orcutt 62/92
Paso Robles 60/105
Pismo Beach 61/72
San Luis Obispo 62/97
Santa Barbara 69/95
Santa Margarita 59/105
Santa Maria 60/94
Santa Ynez 59/102
Shandon 60/102
Shell Beach 61/72
Solvang 58/101
Templeton 60/100
Vandenberg AFB 56/84

Friday was hot again but weekend temps drop in stages

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Relief is on the way with the upper level high which has been the culprit of our hot weather finally shifting east into the high plains by tomorrow morning. A fairly deep upper level trough which has been poised off the west coast shifts eastward and the trough axis is on the west coast by Sunday. This will all help to cool temperatures each day this weekend. Despite the cool down Saturday highs will still be above normal. It`s not until Sunday that highs are below normal across most if not all of the area. The increasing onshore flow will bring overnight low clouds and fog into the central coast starting tonight. Fog could be dense with a marine layer of around 600 ft and a stronger inversion in place.

This pattern change will bring increasing north and northeast winds tonight along the Santa Barbara south coast and nearby canyons with winds tonight slightly stronger than the localized gusts to 40 reported last night and a little stronger Saturday night and Sunday night. These winds will mainly be focused on the western side of the Santa Barbara south coast but also bleeding into the Montecito area at times.

Cooler by at least another several degrees Monday as the marine layer and onshore flow continue to deepen and increase. Overnight low clouds will also be more extensive pushing into the coastal valleys. Should be enough northerly flow to keep the Santa Barbara coast clear.

The west coast trough sticks around next week for a run of below normal temperatures and overnight low clouds not just at the coast but into the valleys as well.

Friday likely not as hot but real relief arrives with the weekend

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Friday morning still looks to have some northeasterly winds early. So we should start the day with plenty of sun and a quick ramp up to above normal daily highs. Interior sections will still see 100+ with the warmest coastal valleys int he 90s, but beaches and near coastal valleys will already start to cool.

By late in the day (around sundown) the marine cloud deck should be back and temperatures should take a larger tumble Saturday. Near the coast highs could drop 10 degrees with inland highs actually returning to below average highs by Sunday (it generally takes the cooler dense air an extra day to work inland).

This condition will continue to give clear skies and warm to hot inland and coastal valley temperatures.

Coastal winds should be up Saturday afternoon and last into next week producing near average daily highs. A fairly typical weather pattern is expected through the Labor Day weekend with just some night and morning cloud cover at the coast with an afternoon breeze.

Aug. 27th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Interestingly it was a place in the 90s today, not the triple digits that broke a daily record. Santa Maria hit 92, breaking the old record of 88 from 2009. 73 is an average daily high this time of year in Santa Maria.

Paso Robles hit 105, only one shy of the 106 record from 2001 and 92 is an average daily high.

San Luis Obispo may have hit 102, but 105 was the record from 2009 but 80 is the average.

There was a thin sliver of cool air in places like Cambria and Morro Bay holding temps in the 70s.

The national high was 118 at Death Valley.

Here is a look at our full weather watcher report.

Arroyo Grande 58/85
Atascadero 58/104
Avila Beach 59/94
Cambria 59/73
Cayucos 62/78
Corbett Canyon 61/96
Cuyama 63/95
Goleta 65/86
Guadalupe 58/76
Hearst Castle 78/97
Lompoc 55/88
Los Osos 59/75
Morro Bay 60/71
Nipomo 66/93
Oceano 55/83
Orcutt 60/91
Paso Robles 59/105
Pismo Beach 59/85
Pozo 57/101
San Luis Obispo 60/102
Santa Barbara 70/95
Santa Margarita 58/106
Santa Maria 60/92
Santa Ynez 59/104
Shandon 57/106
Shell Beach 59/85
Solvang 59/103
Templeton 56/106
Vandenberg AFB 57/80