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July 2014
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High pressure holds through the weekend, keeping us warm & breezy

By Dan Shadwell Good morning! We’re going to see continued above normal temperatures around the Central and South Coasts through the weekend as high pressure holds firm over the four corners region. Some inland valleys will see slight cooling over yesterday as an onshore flow develops, bringing some afternoon winds from off the Pacific. There’s [...]

Winds relax a little into the weekend

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist Over the last couple days the winds have been roaring around the Central Coast Friday and the weekend looks different. Winds will be about 15 in the afternoon (not the near 30 we’ve been experiencing). A upper ridge is building back into the state and that will shrink the marine [...]

July 24th, 2014 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist Arroyo Grande 63-89 Atascadero 61-99 CA Valley 62-91 Cambria 56-72 Corbett Canyon 60-83 Cuyama 59-91 Goleta 61-80 Hearst Castle 57-83 Lompoc 57-73 Los Osos 60-67 Morro Bay 59-63 Nipomo 59-93 Orcutt 56-80 Paso Robles 60-101 Pismo Beach 63-78 San Luis Obispo 60-79 San Miguel 59-100 Santa Barbara 66-88 Santa Maria [...]

Weather Watcher Report for Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Atascadero 92/57 Avila Beach 76/59 CA Valley 88/53 Cambria 74/67 Cayucos 80/58 Corbett Canyon 82/57 Creston 93/53 Cuyama 86/57 Goleta 82/57 Lompoc 81/52 Los Osos 72/58 Morro Bay 68/58 Orcutt 76/57 Paso Robles 94/54 Pismo Beach 78/59 San Luis Obispo 82/58 Santa Barbara 87/66 Santa Maria 82/58 Santa Ynez 89/54 Shell Beach 78/59

Winds mark transition to warm forecast

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist We have not seen a lot of wind on or off the Central Coast for some time, it is one of the reasons the water temperatures are up since cooler water from the deep is not regularly getting circulated near the top (called upweilling). Winds will be out of the [...]

July 22nd, 2014 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist Arroyo Grande 57-82 Atascadero 57-82 CA Valley 59-89 Cambria 56-73 Corbett Canyon 60-80 Cuyama 61-92 Goleta 60-83 Hearst Castle 55-72 Lompoc 55-81 Los Osos 60-73 Morro Bay 60-69 Paso Robles 60-86 Pismo Beach 61-72 Pozo 58-91 San Luis Obispo 59-80 San Miguel 60-92 Santa Barbara 66-86 Santa Maria 60-81 Santa [...]

Inland heat returns Mid-week

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist Warming trend expected to continue through Thursday, warming several degrees each day. Marine layer may become so squashed that clouds get wiped out and we`re left with clear skies, especially by Thursday which is expected to be the warmest day for coast and valleys. High pressure aloft expected to strengthen [...]

July 21st, 2014 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist Arroyo Grande 62-79 Atascadero 60-75 CA Valley 56-87 Cambria 60-73 Corbett Canyon 60-77 Cuyama 57-86 Goleta 63-77 Hearst Castle na/70 Lompoc 64-79 Los Osos 65-72 Morro Bay 64-70 Orcutt 63-80 Paso Robles 61-84 Pismo Beach 64-69 Pozo 65-88 San Luis Obispo 64-75 San Miguel 63-89 Santa Barbara 64-80 Santa Maria [...]

July 20th, 2014 weather watcher report

By Victoria Johnson Arroyo Grande -75 Atascadero -80 CA Valley -86 Cambria -72 Cayucos -71 Cuyama -86 Goleta -77 Grover Beach -72 Hearst Castle -70 Lompoc -79 Los Osos -74 Morro Bay -70 Nipomo -73 Oceano -76 Orcutt -75 Paso Robles -84 Pismo Beach -69 Pozo -82 San Luis Obispo -79 San Miguel -83 Santa [...]

Chance for thunderstorms diminishes tonight

By Victoria Johnson The 20 percent chance for thunderstorms across the Central Coast will diminish this evening. Areas that may see a slight bit of rain include Santa Barbara County, California Valley, Carrizo Plain, mountain regions, inland areas such as Paso Robles and Atascadero and the southeastern portion of San Luis Obispo County. The marine [...]