Rain totals come with debate but still likely a little low

Season rainfall totals to date:

Since July 1st the area is running a slight rain shortage. Including the weekend rain:

Santa Maria: 4.13″ -.69″ from normal to date

San Luis Obispo, airport: 5.76″ -1.02″ from normal to date *

(* The SLO airport numbers are below normal, however other locations show a surplus of as much as 2.8″ in published reports, probably from Cal Poly though it is not entirely clear what the location is for the number published in the newspaper. No community has just one number, they are only representative of where they are taken. I think the airport number is not bad though it is clear most of town has seen a little more, I would also hazard most of town also gets more normally. Climatology for SLO is notoriously unclear in my opinion.)

Paso Robles 3.62″ -.88″ from normal to date *

(* The Paso Airport numbers are also often debated for being low. However, like SLO, no climate site with a live and searchable database with a 30 year citing is in place which is the standard for climate sites.)

Santa Barbara 6.40″ -.01″ *

(* The “Santa Barbara” numbers are actually from the Goleta airport, but downtown numbers are similar. NOAA uses KSBA as the climatology numbers.)

You can see the issue here. With the exception of Santa Maria, all the major communities in the Central Coast actually measure conditions several miles from where people actually live, but lack other climate sites in those populated areas. However even though it is likely it has rained higher amounts elsewhere it is also quite likely the normals for those places would also be higher. Regardless we are in a slight shortage. I say slight because a system or two would not only catch us up potentially but also could put us above normal.

Other weather watcher and published reports for SLO and Co-Op sites for season rain to date:

Atascadero 9.07″
Avila Beach 8.51″
Creston 4.23″
Grover Beach 5.18″
Morro Bay 4.48″
Pismo Beach 5.31″
Templeton 4.81″

I threw out several totals I received because I am not sure the numbers are representative, and these are certainly not official.

I absolutely love what Santa Barbara county does. This is a great and well-maintained report:


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