Rainfall since Wednesday PM

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

There are many reports for this storm, including multiple reports for many communities. You can check out many of those additional reports at my fanpage at www.facebook.com/TVDaveHovde and you can also share your own reports there. The following list is that provided by the National Weather Service using regularly sited, maintained and monitored equipment or trained weather spotters. (KSBY’s weather watchers are posted separately) There is always a hearty debate as to which numbers best reflect conditions in each community but this list gives you a very good idea how heavy rains were.

San Luis Obispo County Coast

Morro Bay 1.40
Cambria 2.05
Nipomo 1.30
Slo – Cal Poly 4.09
San Luis Harbor 1.30
Oceano 1.26
Pismo Beach. 1.80

San Luis Obispo County Central

Paso Robles 2.48
Atascadero 3.82
Rocky Butte 5.75
Las Tablas 4.38
Upper Toro Creek Road 4.48
Santa Margarita 4.41
Salinas Dam 4.41
Lake Lopez 4.39
Bald Mountain 2.95

San Luis Obispo County Eastern

Shandon 2.09
Black Mountain 9.04
La Panza 2.30
Branch Mountain 3.16
Carrizo Plain 1.27

Santa Barbara North Coast

Santa Maria 2.24
Sisquoc 3.15
Twitchell Dam 2.25
Sudden Peak 4.96
Los Alamos 3.26
Lompoc 2.26
Vandenberg 1.98
Buellton 3.06
Solvang 4.58
Santa Ynez 2.75
New Cuyama 0.81
Cachuma Dam 7.15
Los Prietos 6.91

Santa Barbara South Coast

Maria Ygnacio Ridge. 6.37
KTYD Tower 7.20
Santa Barbara 5.71
Santa Barbara-Airport 4.24
Carpinteria. 3.99
Montecito Hills 6.52
Gaviota Coast 5.13

Santa Barbara Mountains And Foothills

Figueroa Mountain 4.49
Refugio Pass 7.60
West Big Pine 3.11
San Marcos Pass 8.37
Gibraltar Dam 8.36
El Deseo 8.21

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