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December 2014
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Another week begins with many rain opportunities

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

An upper level trough digs out into the West with several areas of low pressure pushing over northern California between now and Wednesday.

The first is already here and rain will continue into the early overnight, locally heavy at times with the .50-1” potential (some locations could see as much as two inches).

SE winds will be locally gust with the system. Another low tracks into the area right on the heels of the first with more rain and about the same potential, another .50-1” of rain with locally higher amounts (graphics with potential are posted on KSBY and Dave Hovde’s social media @TVDave).

More SE winds prior to the next system also allow a connection to deep moisture, which helps explain the higher potential rain accumulations with the two systems.

After the second system pulls out Wednesday some high pressure builds in, this will help clear out the skies near the coast but some areas of dense valley fog may also result from trapped low-level moisture.

There is a third cold front, which looks to push into the area either late Friday or early Saturday for more showery rain.

I know the big question after that is the Christmas forecast and right now it looks pleasant as high pressure builds into the region.

December 14th, 2014 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 43-68
Bradley 41-57
CA Valley 32-59 .01″
Cambria 45-58
Corbett Canyon 44-62 .01″
Creston 37-57
Cuyama 35-53
Goleta 44-64
Hearst Castle 44-54
Lompoc 39-63
Morro Bay 48-63
Nipomo 43-63
Orcutt 37-62
Paso Robles 38-58
Pismo Beach 43-62
Port San Luis 50-61
Pozo 36-59
San Luis Obispo 40-61
Santa Barbara 47-66
Santa Maria 42-64
Santa Ynez 37-61
Shell Beach 43-62
Solvang 37-64
Templeton 36-58
Vandenberg AFB 43-60

Multiple chances for rain and showers this week for the Central Coast

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

A cold front will bring rain to the Central Coast late Monday afternoon into early Tuesday. Showers will follow for Tuesday day. Another system will bring moderate steady rain to the area Tuesday night into Wednesday. Thursday will be dry before unsettled weather arrives with additional shower activity Friday and Saturday as several weak disturbances brush the area. Temperatures will remain on the cool side.

December 13th, 2014 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 43-66 .05″
Bradley 41-54 .01″
CA Valley 33-54 .08″
Cambria 42-60 .01″
Corbett Canyon 42-63 .04″
Creston 38-54 .01″
Cuyama 37-52
Goleta 46-68 .01″
Hearst Castle 44-68 .03″
Lompoc 41-64 .04″
Morro Bay 46-64
Nipomo 45-62
Orcutt 39-61 .02″
Paso Robles 41-56
Pismo Beach 43-64 .04″
Port San Luis 50-62 .04″
San Luis Obispo 41-61 .01″
Santa Barbara 50-69 .01″
Santa Maria 43-65 .03″
Santa Ynez 41-61 .01″
Shell Beach 43-64 .04″
Solvang 42-62 .02″
Templeton 38-55 .01″
Vandenberg AFB 43-61 .04″

Fair weather to close the weekend, then rain on Monday

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Fair weather will continue through the weekend as a ridge of high pressure moves in. Some areas will see some dense fog during the overnight into morning hours. A cold front will bring rain to the Central Coast Monday morning through Monday night. Showers will linger into Tuesday and Wednesday. Unsettled wet weather will continue into next weekend as several weak disturbances brush the area.

Storm totals and comparisons to last year

by Greg Murphy, KSBY weather blogger

For all of last year, precipitation totals were 1.91″ in Paso Robles, 3.17″ in San Luis Obispo, 2.99″ for Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara had 4.70″. The storm from Thursday and Friday surpassed those 2013 totals in Paso Robles and Santa Maria. As noted earlier, that took nine hours in Paso Robles. Santa Maria’s hourly data is unknown.

From NWS reports:
Santa Barbara County North Coast
Los Prietos 4.33″
Twitchell Dam 3.86″
Cachuma Dam 3.40″
Santa Maria 3.11″
Sisquoc 2.52″
Vandenberg 2.47″
Lompoc 2.16″
Buellton 2.02″
Solvang 1.96″
Los Alamos 1.96″
Sudden Peak 1.14″
New Cuyama 0.94″

Santa Barbara County South Coast
Maria Ygnacio Ridge 4.30″
KTYD Tower 3.51″
Montecito Hills 2.33″
Santa Barbara FD 2.20″
Santa Barbara 2.13″
Gaviota Coast 1.51″
Carpinteria 1.49″

Santa Barbara County Mountains & Foothills
San Marcos Pass 5.25″
El Deseo 4.65″
Refugio Pass 3.51″
Gibraltar Dam 3.49″
West Big Pine 1.77″

San Luis Obispo County Coast
Cambria 3.19″
Nipomo 3.15″
Oceano 2.04″
Cal Poly 1.98″
Pismo Beach 1.95″
Morro Bay 1.93″
San Luis Obispo 1.88″
San Luis Harbor 1.62″
Point Piedras Blancas 1.24″

San Luis Obispo County Central
Upper Toro Creek Road 3.23″
Las Tablas 3.13″
Lake Lopez 2.77″
Santa Margarita 2.64″
Rocky Butte 2.64″
Bald Mountain 2.64″
Paso Robles 2.32″
Atascadero 2.05″
Salinas Dam 2.01″

San Luis Obispo County Eastern
Black Mountain 3.60″
Branch Mountain 2.52″
Shandon 2.17″
La Panza 1.82″
Carrizo Plain 1.74″

December 12th, 2014 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 52-65 2.07″
Atascadero 47-54 2.05″
Bradley 49-55 2.13″
CA Valley 37-50 2.00″ Wind gusts up to 76 mph
Cambria 51-56 3.15″
Corbett Canyon 55-62
Cuyama 45-56 2.48″ Wind gusts up to 56 mph
Goleta 55-64 2.17″ Wind gusts up to 33 mph
Hearst Castle 56-56 2.50″
Lompoc 54-64 2.04″ Wind gusts up to 39 mph
Los Osos 57-66 2.1″ Wind gusts up to 49 mph
Morro Bay 51-61 1.92″
Nipomo 53-61 3.15″
Orcutt 50-61 3.12″
Paso Robles 49-58 2.29″ Wind gusts up to 36 mph
Pismo Beach 52-61 1.91″ Wind gusts up to 37 mph
Port San Luis 52-60 1.53″
Pozo 46-60 2.5″
San Luis Obispo 52-60 1.87″ Wind gusts up to 47 mph
Santa Barbara 55-64 2.17″ Wind gusts up to 47 mph
Santa Maria 55-61 2.91″ Wind gusts up to 44 mph
Santa Ynez 52-59 2.49″ Wind gusts up to 64 mph
Shandon 47-59 2.35″
Solvang 51-63 1.17″ Wind gusts up to 31 mph
Templeton 48-56 2.17″
Vandenberg AFB 53-60 2.43″ Wind gusts up to 45 mph

Scattered showers continue through Friday evening, clearing for the weekend

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Scattered showers will continue through this evening for the Central Coast. We are still seeing a slight chance for isolated thunderstorms as well. Quiet and cooler weather is expected for the weekend as high pressure moves into our area. But it is short lived. A series of weaker storms will bring unsettled weather to the area next week. Looks like rain on Monday, showers continuing through Thursday.

Most powerful storm in years sweeps through the Central and South Coasts, knocking down trees, power lines

By Dan Shadwell

Good morning! As the bulk of the pineapple express energy slides to the east of us, crews are cleaning up the damage left by the strongest storm system to hit the state in at least five years.

We saw widespread, significant rainfall–some of that coming so quickly that roads flooded and open fields filled with water.

High winds knocked down trees and power lines, leaving thousands of people without power.

Here’s a look at the rain totals as of about 5:45 this morning, and some of the expected high temperatures for the day for the Central and South Coasts:
Paso Robles–1.6″, 54
Atascadero–1.77″, 53
Santa Margarita–1.93″
Cambria–2.56″, 56
Morro Bay–1.59″, 57
San Luis Obispo–1.69″, 59
Los Osos–2.36″, 57
Avila Beach–1.28″, 58
Arroyo Grande–1.86″, 58
Nipomo–2.72″, 57
Santa Maria–2.87″, 59
Orcutt–3″, 58
Vandenberg Village–1.57″
Lompoc–1.94″, 59
Los Olivos–1.85″
Santa Ynez–2.14″, 60
Goleta–2.52″, 65
Santa Barbara–1.7″, 65

Paso Robles surpassed 2013 rainfall in nine hours

by Greg Murphy, weather blogger

Paso Robles — hourly precipitation totals
0.02″ 9-10 a.m.
0.01″ 10-11 a.m.
0.09″ 9-10 p.m.
0.25″ 10-11 p.m.
0.33″ 11 p.m.-12 a.m.
0.46″ 12-1 a.m.
0.22″ 1-2 a.m.
0.10″ 2-3 a.m.
0.11″ 3-4 a.m.
0.10″ 4-5 a.m.
0.14″ 5-6 a.m.
0.25″ 6-7 a.m.
0.07″ 7-8 a.m.
2.15″ total
The nine-hour period from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. had 1.96″ of precipitation. Its grand total for 2013 was 1.91″.

These 4 a.m. precipitation totals that are on the low side could be due to the storm knocking out the rain gauge or automated reporting.
Santa Barbara County North Coast
Los Prietos 3.63″
Twitchell Dam 3.54″
Cachuma Dam 2.83″
Sisquoc 2.22″
Vandenberg 2.04″
Lompoc 1.89″
Solvang 1.84″
Los Alamos 1.79″
Buellton 1.66″
Sudden Peak 0.98″
New Cuyama 0.74″
Santa Ynez 0.19″
Santa Maria 0.02″

Santa Barbara County South Coast
KTYD Tower 2.58″
Santa Barbara 1.95″
Montecito Hills 1.49″
Gaviota Coast 1.42″
Santa Barbara 1.38″
Carpinteria 1.07″

Santa Barbara County Mountains and Foothills
San Marcos Pass 4.26″
El Deseo 3.54″
Gibraltar Dam 2.80″
Refugio Pass 2.68″
West Big Pine 0.63″

San Luis Obispo County Coast
Nipomo 2.67″
Cambria 2.09″
Morro Bay 1.49″
Oceano 1.49″
Cal Poly 1.42″
Pismo Beach 1.27″
San Luis Harbor 1.15″
Point Piedras Blancas 0.97″
San Luis Obispo 0.34″

San Luis Obispo County Central
Las Tablas 2.30″
Bald Mountain 2.28″
Lake Lopez 2.12″
Upper Toro Creek Road 1.93″
Rocky Butte 1.81″
Santa Margarita 1.66″
Paso Robles 1.59″
Atascadero 1.42″
Salinas Dam 1.42″

San Luis Obispo County Eastern
Black Mountain 1.84″
Branch Mountain 1.64″
La Panza 1.23″
Shandon 1.03″
Carrizo Plain 1.03″