May 18th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 52/67
Atascadero 44/68
Avila Beach 51/70
CA Valley 41/72
Cambria 53/62
Corbett Canyon 50/70
Cuyama 45/68
Goleta 48/72
Hearst Castle 44/61
Lompoc 52/66
Los Osos 51/62
Morro Bay 52/58
Nipomo 51/60
Oceano 51/60
Orcutt 54/64
Paso Robles 47/74
Pismo Beach 52/59
San Luis Obispo 50/68
San Miguel 48/76
Santa Barbara 55/75
Santa Maria 53/66
Santa Ynez 50/70
Shandon 47/73
Shell Beach 52/59
Solvang 53/72
Templeton 45/68
Vandenberg AFB 52/61

Afternoon onshore winds this week keep temps down

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

The spring pattern is definitely different than the pattern we saw much of the winter, more night and morning clouds with afternoon clearing and a wind are expected this week. Afternoon winds look to be near 30mph at the coast which will hold temps at or even slightly under seasonal norms.

We’ll see high temps in the 50s and low 60s at the beaches with 60s in the coastal valleys and low 70s in the interior valleys. A little building of high pressure Tuesday into Wednesday looks to have fairly minor local impacts, and Thursday and Friday look to feature another trough pushing into SLO and SB counties for possible drizzle or a light shower but it would not be much if it happened.

Looking ahead to Memorial Day weekend, I think high pressure builds and will help warm temps a little.

May 17th, 2015 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 52-71
Bradley 48-72
CA Valley 41-72 Wind gusts 45 mph
Corbett Canyon 52-68
Creston 48-68 Wind gusts 21 mph
Cuyama 45-72
Goleta 49-67
Hearst Castle 44-62
Lompoc 54-66
Morro Bay 54-61
Nipomo 53-72 21 mph
Orcutt 53-68
Paso Robles 48-73 Wind gusts 24 mph
Pismo Beach 54-60
San Luis Obispo 54-68 Wind gusts 24 mph
Santa Barbara 54-73
Santa Maria 53-68 Wind gusts 25 mph
Santa Ynez 52-72
Shell Beach 54-60
Solvang 53-74
Templeton 51-68
Vandenberg 50-61 Wind gusts 20 mph

Slightly below temps, clouds, and some fog for the Central Coast this week

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Several low pressure systems moving through the area this week will result in slightly below normal temperatures and mostly cloudy skies at times. It is likely that there will be low clouds and patchy fog each night through morning. The second low moving through Thursday and Friday is a little stronger, and we are seeing a slight chance for showers right now. But it’s a little too early to tell. High pressure arrives for the weekend and this will result in dry weather with a clearing and warming trend.

May 16th, 2015 Weather Watcher Report

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Arroyo Grande 43-69
Bradley 40-79
CA Valley 36-74
Corbett Canyon 45-70
Creston 42-69 Wind gusts 22 mph
Cuyama 41-72
Goleta 51-66
Hearst Castle 44-62
Lompoc 45-64
Morro Bay 46-58
Nipomo 45-72 Wind gusts 27 mph
Orcutt 42-67
Paso Robles 40-75 Wind gusts 23 mph
Pismo Beach 45-59
Port San Luis 48-60
San Luis Obispo 43-70 Wind gusts 22 mph
Santa Barbara 53-73
Santa Maria 45-67 Wind gusts 25 mph
Santa Ynez 46-70
Shell Beach 45-59
Solvang 50-73 Wind gusts 17 mph
Templeton 38-70
Vandenberg 47-61 Wind gusts 25 mph

Seasonal temps, wind, low clouds and some fog for the Central Coast

By RaeAnn Christensen, KSBY Forecaster

Weak high pressure will bring drier and slightly warmer conditions to the Central Coast for the weekend. A couple of upper level low pressure systems will move through next week, but it looks like it will just be bringing low clouds, wind, and cooler weather. We will see pretty seasonal weather throughout the week with mild temperatures, onshore breezes and marine layer low clouds. We will also see some fog for the overnight and morning hours, clearing out during the afternoon.

May 15th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 49/61
Atascadero 43/64
CA Valley 46/64
Cambria 46/62
Corbett Canyon 48/68
Cuyama 44/60 .01″
Goleta 50/73
Hearst Castle 44/61 .05″
Lompoc 46/68 .05″
Los Osos 49/61 .07″
Morro Bay 49/58
Oceano 48/68
Orcutt 48/68
Paso Robles 50/71 Tr.
Pismo Beach 51/59
San Luis Obispo 50/68 .07″
Santa Barbara 53/74
Santa Maria 47/67 .07″
Santa Ynez 45/70
Shandon 47/69
Shell Beach 51/59
Solvang 46/74
Templeton 46/68
Vandenberg AFB 46/61

May 14th-15th rainfall summary

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

San Luis Obispo County

Oceano 0.23
Pismo Beach 0.07
San Luis Obispo 0.07
Nipomo 0.04
San Luis Harbor 0.01
Bald Mountain 0.47
Lake Lopez 0.38
Salinas Dam 0.12
Upper Toro Creek Road 0.08
Las Tablas 0.01
Paso Robles Trace
Branch Mountain 0.40
Black Mountain 0.24
La Panza 0.05

Santa Barbara County

Twitchell Dam 0.51
Los Prietos 0.26
Sisquoc 0.26
Santa Maria 0.24
Sudden Peak 0.24
Lompoc 0.17
Los Alamos 0.06
Buellton 0.05
New Cuyama 0.03
Cachuma Dam 0.02
Santa Ynez 0.02
Solvang. 0.01
Maria Ygnacio Ridge 0.34
Santa Barbara Airport 0.32
Santa Barbara 0.27
Montecito Hills 0.27
Carpinteria 0.14
Gaviota Coast 0.10
West Big Pine 0.39
El Deseo 0.34
Gibraltar Dam 0.21
Refugio Pass 0.11

Cool and breezy/windy into next week

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

A pattern of night and morning clouds with clearing and strong afternoon winds (to 25mph) will continue into the middle of next week. In fact winds Monday to Wednesday could top 30mph at the coast.

The jet stream has several troughs in it next week which will keep temps near seasonal norms, perhaps slightly below the averages. At the end of the week high pressure builds back in and temps will warm.

May 14th, 2015 weather watcher report

by Dave Hovde, KSBY Meteorologist

Arroyo Grande 47/67 .18″
Atascadero 45/64 Tr.
CA Valley 44/62 Tr.
Cambria 48/61
Corbett Canyon 45/63 .17″
Cuyama 44/58 .02″
Goleta 54/63 .32″
Grover Beach 46/62 .21″
Hearst Castle 45/58 .04″
Lompoc 45/63 .12″
Los Osos 48/63 .01″
Morro Bay 50/59 .02″
Paso Robles 43/67 Tr.
Pismo Beach 48/61 .07″
Pozo 38/70
San Luis Obispo 46/64 Tr.
Santa Barbara 57/65 .25″
Santa Maria 46/65 .25″
Santa Ynez 46/63 .02″
Shandon 42/70
Shell Beach 48/61 .07″
Solvang 47/68 .05″
Templeton 44/64